33 Orchard Street | New York

August 25, 2017 | Friday

5.00 pm - 9.00 pm Ets


Featuring Alvin Kean Wong, Annette Hur, Biraaj Dodiya, Chunghsuan Lan, Ji Su Kwak, Jin Jeong, Megan Sungyoon, Rohan Mcdonald, Roki Jang


Sparked by the ceaseless movement in and out of New York City, "send your location" embraces the act of migration charged by our restless ambitions. The exhibition celebrates the impulse and pursuit of artistic endeavors despite the nebulousness of relocation. The pop-up emphasizes the transient nature of its resident artists while flirting with the idea of permanence.


The Space
33 Orchard is a Lower East Side gallery that opens itself as a platform for curators/gallerists without a permanent space to install exhibitions in New York City during the summer. After the opening, the exhibition transcends this physical space by moving to a virtual platform -- serving as an archival space that is permanent.